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              ABOUT THE GROUP

              Hongxing Steel Company Limited is the pioneer vehicle of the Inner Galaxy Group, the Group operates through five subsidiaries:

              ABOUT OUR WORK

              We are West Africa’s leading manufacturer of steel products for the building and construction industry; automobile and automotive industry; industrial machinery, appliances; oil and gas industry; amongst many others.

              We are also involved in agric and industrial vehicle assemblage; ship-scrapping and oil and gas industry services. Learn more


              The Group Board is led by the Chairman, Mr.  Lin Weimin.

              The Management team is led by the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Andy Lu. The Group Management team is composed of the following:

              Mr. Andy Lu

              Group Managing Director,
              Inner Galaxy Group

              Mr. Lin Zhong

              Managing Director, 
              Hongxing Steel  Company Limited

              Mr. Olaitan Mukhtar Mustapha

              Group Head, Marketing & Sales

              Mr. Zhang Hongming

              Managing Director,
              Inner Galaxy Steel Limited

              Mr. Chinedu Enechukwu

              Group Head, Communications

              Mr. Oko Friday Ikor

              Group Head, Human Resources

              Mr. Babalola Adeniyi Oluwaseyi

              Group Head, HSE/Production